Tarm Laser technologies

  tarm® laser technologies has been manufacturing, marketing, and servicing high-end laser systems worldwide since 1980.  Our strengths lie in implementing custom-tailored solutions.  tarm® laser systems will be found in discotheques, movie theaters, musical productions, theme parks, and luxury yachts around the world, and wherever our customers want to fascinate audiences with what lasers can do.
We offer you reliable tarm® quality, combined with the latest technologies, in interesting performance/price ratios.  tarm® laser technologies currently has more than 600 laser systems installed, worldwide.

Included among our lastest innovations are:

tarm® OEM Module Series
tarm® Laserray Micro & Mini Series
tarm® Laserray Compact Series
tarm® Old School Beam Table
tarm® Laserray Basic Series
tarm® Laserray Plus Series
tarm® Laserray AT Series