SFAT Ibiza CO2 machine jet canon


About This Product

 The most powerfull Ibiza style CO2 canon from SFAT.

This machine shoots a mix between CO2 and artificial smoke using high pressure canons. This effect will allow you to shoot fog at up to 10m. Fog/smoke can be shot from 5 different positions. Accessories included are Wire remote with on/off button, Re-enforced pipe 3 meters and special bottle connector C Type C done to link bottle and pipe.

Thanks to Ibiza effect your events will become real Shows ! You'll produce over powerful jets of co2 and fog jets that fill the room with fog and dive your guests in a deep and fresh haze ! ... this will be hot !

Description :
Machine designed to produce powerfull jets of co2 gas mixed with fog shoots
build in an aluminium box with directional cone
Comfort :
Directional cone to choose the shoot angle
Efficiency :
project jets of CO2 gas and fog to 15-20 meters
Finishing :
Stainless steel screwing parts
Shiny Black epoxy (powder coated) Painting
Technical datas :
Standard power : 230 Volts/50Hz
Security Isolation : IP 55
Electrical Conformity : CEI 335
Connector Conformity : ISO 4400
Machine dimensions :
Length :
100 cm
Width :
50 cm
Height :
24 cm
Total Weight :
20 kg
Included accesories
Wire remote wih on/off button
Re-enforced pipe 3 meters
Special bottle connector C Type C done to link bottle and pipe
Options :
Hanging up system
Emergency gas-release valve
Additional pipe
Consumption :
2 kg co2 gas / seconde
Advises :
Be aware of dangers and obligations due to the use of co2 gas
Read and respect the local/national regulations
Health and safety datasheet : on demand
Use one or several co2 level detectors
according to your system is designed

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