SFAT CO2 PROJECTOR with 3 jets


About This Product

 This very powerfull projector has 3 different pipes for shooting CO2 it can shoot it at up to 10m.

The real compact and professionnal CO2 Projector.
This projector, thanks to the technology of its internal links and valves, will provide you a wonderful CO2 effect with an unequal performance and gas comsumption rate !

Video CO2 Projector

NB : the size of the jets depends on many parameters, and according to circonstances, the real efficiency of the Projector is much higher than the below information. They are given as a minimum.

Description :
Projector designed for large venues or big rental activities
Build on a PAR base with hanging system and triple head
Position :
Secured thanks to 2 screwing handles
Efficiency :
generates shoots of co2 gas of 8 meters (or more) cold white fog
Finishing :
Stainless steel screwing parts
Shiny Black epoxy (powder coated) Painting
Technical datas :
Standard power : 230 Volts/50Hz
Security Isolation : IP 55
Electrical Conformity : CEI 335
Connector Conformity : ISO 4400
Machine dimensions :
Length :
40 cm
Width :
25 cm
Height (with handles) :
38 cm
Total Weight :
5,8 kg (without pipe)
Included accesories
3 Re-enforced pipes 5 meters with quick connectors
3 Special bottle connectors C Type
done to link bottle and pipe
Hanging system + Remote
Options :
Additional pipe
Emergency gas-release valve
Consumption :
2 kg co2 gas / second and per head (here 3)
Advises :
Be aware of dangers and obligations due to the use of co2 gas
Read and respect the local/national regulations
Health and safety datasheet : on demand
Use one or several co2 level detectors
according to your system is designed

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