MBN/F-630 Foam Generator


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The MBN F-630 foam-generator can be used for different purposes:
foam-parties of any kind,
TV-and other shows
Because of its compact size, the MBN F-630 can easily be transported. Therefore it's ideal for mobile discotheques and promoters. Due to its light weight, the generator can also be installed on walls or ceilings with a minimum use of space. With its foam-power of 250.000 l/min, the MBN F-630 belongs to the most efficient foam-generators worldwide. he MBN F-630 is Made in Germany. The engine of the ventilator and the pump are German quality products as well.

The basic MBN F-630 consists of the following components:
regulation of quantity,
2m hose (between tank and pump),
15m hose ( between pump and machine).

Emission of the foam can be smoothly adjusted by regulating the foaming agent.
For the operation of the MBN F-630 a tank is required for the storage of the mixture (water and foam fluid). MBN provides for the MBN F-630 a tank with a content of 600 litre or 1000 litre. MBN provides high-quality, totally safe foam concentrates in 25 l and 60 l containers. The MBN foam-fluid was especially developed for foam events and is dermatological tested (good to very good skin tolerability). If required, foam fluids can also be made available with various aromas.

weight of generator: 60 kg
size of generator: 860 x 930 x 490 mm
foam output: 30 cubic meters per minute
foam output: 250 l/min
required Voltage: 230 V / 50 Hz
power of generator: 1100 VA
weight of pump: 15 kg
size of pump: 650 x 270 x 220 mm
water consumation: 10-120 l/min
power of pump: 1600 VA

check out this machine in action:

MBN F-630 Foam generator mega power - kewego
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