Club Series Lasers (5) ILDA,DMX 512, SOUND.

Laserworld Club Series Lasers are low cost high performance lasers which are great for small to medium sized venues.

The entry level for computer generated laser shows.

Our Club Series not only offers a wide range of power, from 250mW green to 500mW fullcolor, but they can also be controlled either via DMX512, or ILDA. DMX allows a seamless integration into your existing light show. ILDA offers you full control of the laser with any (optional) ILDA software: Create your own shows, logos, etc. or simply select from hundreds of existing shows. The Club Series combines advantages of several laser series: The easy use of the Ecoline lasers, with its built in, microphone controlled music mode. The DMX control with its easy integration into existing lighting systems, adding stunning laser effects to your lighting equipment, or you can take the great advantages of the computer controlled lasers for doing projections, advertising or even professional music synchronous pre-programmed laser shows. All devices are equipped with our 25.000pps galvo systems, capable to provide stunning laser shows and allowing the full control of the scanner system. They thus complete the output of the laser through the ILDA interface from any PC running ILDA software. For Club Series laser control, we recommend our Showeditor 2010 software or Phoenix Live.

The RGY Club Series projectors, with green DPSS lasers combined with red laser diodes, color up your laser show: They provide amazing effects in green, red and yellow. As all Club Series lasers they can run in automatic mode, music active mode and can be controlled either via DMX512 or ILDA. The RGY-Club Series units are perfect side effects for powerful single color green lasers, if you want to add additional color; or combine them as satellites with a full color RGB laser to gain exciting additional effects of your existing laser show.

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