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StarvisionLED LED video effects curtains

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StarvisionLED FX LED Video Curtain displays have an amazingly smooth and clear image. With a refresh frequency of more than 600Hz, they produce stable images without flicker, making 
them perfect for your professional situation. Additionally, all StarVisionLED FX LED Video Curtains
can produce up to 16.7 million colors . With pixel pitches ranging from 100mm to 18.75mm, the
StarVisionLED FX product line can display everything from amazing graphical patterns to high 
resolution video. Our sales representative can help you determine the perfect 
pixel pitch for your project. Email us anytime: sales@madeffects.com

StarVisionLED FX curtains can be customized to fit your needs. You can even choose to have your
StarVisionLED FX LED Video Curtain as one panel or multiple panels for easier mounting. Need a 
bigger screen? Simply add additional panels, connect the linking cables, and StarVisionLED FX 
automatically reconfigures itself to the new size. No complicated reconfiguration is needed.

Media and VJ packages such as Arkaos, MADRIX, LED Studio Pro, Cell DNA and others are all 
compatible. ShowVisionFX can receive video from a DVI connection or directly from a PC with a 
1 Gbps NIC running LED Show T9 software. Optionally, a standalone video processor is 
available that allows direct connections from several video sources and media from USB flash 

StarVisionLED FX LED video curtain panels:
• Ultra Bright RGB LEDs (type SMD 5050) 
• Linkable panels allow for small to large areas
• IP44 rating ideal for indoor and outdoor use
• Flexible PVC materials allow display to be attached to objects like columns and irregular shapes 
• Can be installed in minutes with two people
• Truss suspension via belts
• Low weight and small volume for convenient transport
• Easy maintenance - LEDs can be replaced without difficulty
• Controllable via DVI*, 1 Gbps NIC, or independent video processing unit
• Compatible to media software such as Arkaos, MADRIX, LED Studio Pro, and Cell DNA
• Ships with LED Studio Pro for free
• Available in different sizes and pixel pitches

Pixel Pitch means the distance between each LED. The closer the LEDs are the lower the pitch number and the high the resolution and quality. For example: the 20mm pitch model has LEDs 20mm apart.

All our prices below are for complete packages including Flightcase and all controllers and leads required to run the LED video curtains with any Laptop/Pc.