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starvision LED vision curtain 3m x 2m - soft LED motion drape animation Backdrop

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WAS £599 Now only £489.99 and Now includes FREE software to design your own custom Text and animations.

The  LED animation StarCurtain that everybody is talking about.

starvisionLED vision curtain 3x2 metre - RGB LED Video effects Curtain - DMX with Animation.

This amazing NEW RGB Animation StarCloth displays animation/graphic effects and takes little set up time, it is easy to hang and can be used for touring, installation, events, displays, bands, DJ's, clubs, presentations etc... There are 20 preset programmes and sound activation modes and can be easily controlled with the DMX controller .

From simple text to superb colourful animation design.

Product Specifications:
LED vision curtain (RGB) Voltage: AC 90V~260V/50HZ LCD screen in the controller. Control System: Alone/DMXControl/SoundActive/Automatic

20 programs included and amazing sound activation programmes and speed control.

Color:RGB Lamp: φ5 RGB, 182 Pcs of SMD Tri LEDs (seven colour)

P:20cm DMX Channels: 7

Size adaptable as: 3m x 2m (or) 2m x 3m

Weight: 6kg


1x RGB 2 x 3metre LED Vision Curtain

1x Controller

1x 3 Pin Power Cable

1x 4 Pin Controller Cable

1 x Pc software CD to design custom Text and patterns.

1x Manual

5x RGB SMD Tri LED spare lamps

Now you can Design custom Text and save it onto an SD card to play on the curtain. This is a great New Feature you can use for your clients.
Imagine your Dj name, Disco name, Band name, Bride and groom name  etc on the curtain.

This software is FREE when you purchase any of our starvisionLED vision curtains.

RRP: £599.00
NOW: £489.99

Customer Reviews
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Reviewer: paul G from u.k   5 Stars
Well it's here, we've used it and I have to say it is the best effect we've bought for years. I've always wanted to fill the void at the back of a stage with something. Previously we used tower LED panels but these are a bit fiddly to set up and can't be folded for transort. The video coth does the job much better. It is a major leap forward from the traditional 'back of stage' cabaret starcloths that just twinkle and flash - usually with blue or white LED's. This thing really catches the eye. This video cloth uses 180 very bright LED's that combine Red/Green/Blue/Yellow into one LED. (You even get 5 spares in the kit!). These are firmly set into a nice quality black cloth material with polished metal hanging eyelets every foot or so around the edge. It looks and feels like a quality product that has been made with care. When you set it going, the RGBY LED's give the cloth an amazing chameleon like colour changing ability. That's the first step change from traditional cloths. Secondly though, and perhaps the biggest step forward is the control system. The menu driven Controller with a backlit display (included in the package) produces 30 varied and flowing multi colour 'video' patterns and shapes ranging from animated X patterns (great for X factor type karaokes!), expanding diamonds, moving multi coloured squares, a rain effect, moving colour change waves etc, etc. The nice thing is that you can programme the unit to run as many or as few of the programs as you like so it is very flexible. It also has automatic mode, sound to light, DMX, speed control and a facility to make your own patterns. Take a look at the link below for videos. http://www.madeffects.com/rgb-led-video-curtain-102-c.asp Note though, that I don't think the videos or the wesite description do the effect any justice at all. At some point I intend to put a decent quality video of my full set up onto Youtube and onto our developing website where you'll get an idea of how good the cloth integrates into a combined LED/Halogen based stage display or how it can be used as a stand alone effect. On the downside, you may need to make a frame to hang the cloth on but this is easy if you use two lighting poles (or extended some speaker poles) and make an extending tubular cross beam. This took me 2 hours using old speaker poles. The best news is that the 3x2m cloth fits perfectly onto the standard goal post lighting rigs that most people use. The cloth is very light so if you use an aluminium frame, the whole set up is very light and compact for transporting. In fact, it's lightness is a great advantage - It takes only one person just a few minutes to put up and take down. I put up a post a while ago about how investing in quality lighting and PA helps you compete with the cowboy karaokes and disco's who don't pay for their media and certainly won't pay for something like this. You can't compete with their free media but effects like the RGBY cloth set you apart from the rest and I seriously recommend you take a look. It will transform your stage presence from the ordinary to something very spectacular and, you don't need to rely on smoke or haze to get a great effect. You can get 3x2m 4x2 and 6x3m size cloths but the price goes up accordingly. The 3x2m cloth sells for around £499.00. I think that it is very competitively priced considering the Wow factor it provides. To give you some idea of quality of effect, the Club Secretary at one of my venues couldn't stop talking about it - he thought it must have cost me £1800-£2000!! I didn't argue - he'll be more sympathetic to our 2010 price increases! As with all equipment, time will tell whether or not it is robust enough to stand the rigours of mobile use but at the moment it seems to be a worthwhile investment. Handled carefully it should be OK. We'll no doubt be buying more to pass on or lease to our other DJ's.

Reviewer: bill carrington from north wales   5 Stars
is very essay to describe mad effects star cloths they are very good quality and do what they say' in there right ups' i have two from mad effects a 2x1 and a 3x2 star cloth and very happy with the service you get so a big thanks to all at mad effects for your service