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Co2 Moving Head

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There is no cumulative build up, as with smoke machines, since the effect disappears almost immediately.

Like any true innovative new effect, the scope for using the CO2Jet System is only limited by the skill and imagination of the user - and clever applications of ideas/programming will produce some truly amazing effects. Several units may be linked together to make patterns, pulsating, swirling, chasing, similar to moving lights - the permutations are never ending! Up to 7 metre high jets of CO2, which can be programmed to move 355 degrees in azimuth (pan) and 230 degrees in elevation (tilt), all achieved with high quality stepper motors and gear and drive systems for smooth operation.

A standard DMX 512 control desk is used for control/programming. This is fed into/thru a 'datalink module' - an interface unit which sends/receives data to and from the head(s). Up to 4 heads may be used with each datalink module - which may be infinitely expanded as required.

Imagine the areas where the CO2Jet can be utilised: rock and roll, theatre, product/car launches, night clubs, fashion shows, theme parks, casinos, reviews and many many more.

co2 freeze jet moving head from MADeffects.com - kewego
This is the new co2 freeze jet moving head from www.MADeffects.com the co2 can be dmx controlled and can move 360 degrees by dmx. all our co2 freeze jets our the lowest prices in europe and we are looking for worldwide distributors of our co2 jets and co2 canon.
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Video from mad-effects